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No! We do not collect Donation Funds!!!

Sometimes we have families with Children who are unable to pay for their fee; We all understand such times do happen!!

There is some minimum cost of teaching. The costs include, but not limited to: Technology cost, Office Costs, Manpower costs, Management Costs as well as Advertising and Marketing Costs.

If you want to make someone else to learn how to read and recite Quran, you can always pay for them. As of now, we have only two students who are unable to support their own fee; and another family is paying for them.

And as our part of contribution, we reduced part of their fee as well.

If you are interested in donating the gift of Quran Class to an eligible Student, just let your Coordinator know. We do not refuse a student because he is unable to pay; we bring the student in. Rentie Inc. will bear the cost until someone else is willing to bear the cost.

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