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Register and get One Week Free Quran Class
or Call +1 866 924 0588

Summer vacations already started; many of us have already made plans for our kids to join enrichment classes; likewise it is our responsibility to ensure our children learn how to read and understand Quran. 

I Read Quran.Com will start teaching your children Quran immediately during the summer vacations in morning, afternoon and evening. Afterwards, the lessons will be adjusted upwards to accommodate after school teaching.

You don.t have to drive your child for Quran class. This way you save 1 to 2 hours commute. You can instead spend quality time with your children.

Your child can learn to read and recite Quran whole week, instead of once or twice a week only

Register and get One Week Free Quran Class
or Call +1 866 924 0588

You only need a Computer with Headphone, Microphone and an Internet connection.  The teacher will share his Computer Screen with student and will use voice chat software to talk.  Hence the effect would be one to one personalized teaching; where the teacher will spend 30 minutes of quality Quran tutoring for whole week and adjust with your child.s learning capabilities.

Classes are conducted 2, 3, 4 or 5 times a week. You can choose a timeslot of your choice.

Discounts are available if you are registering two or more students. You get more discounts if you are paying for more children. Hence give the gift of Quran classes to the kids in your family. This is Sadqa-e-Jaria and a true investment for you for the life afterwards.

Qualified Professional Tutors and have expertise in tutoring in English. In fact, many of our current students cannot communicate effectively in Urdu and hence we teach them all in English.

The current classes are

  1. Quran Nazra : start at Yasr-ul-Quran and continue to read Quran until end. These classes are normally for School going children.  Preliminary Tajweed rules are also taught.
  2. Quran Tajweed : The people who already have read Holy Quran would like to improve their reciting and want to learn Tajweed; this class is for them.
  3. Quran Tafseer : Tafseer-e-Quran is discussed on daily basis.  We have many housewives who have enrolled in Tajweed and Tafseer classes.  The one month cost of learning Quran is less than the cost of one family lunch.
  4. Hifz-e-Quran: Currently we have four students learning Quran by heart.  We do appreciate those kids who are determined to keep up with Hifz and their regular School studies.

Apart from Quran, we also teach,  on daily basis:

  1. General Knowledge of Islam
  2. Kalma . We make children to memorize!
  3. General Information about Salat / Namaz
  4. Namaz / Salat . We ensure the students learn how to say their prayers correctly.  This alone will

The teacher grades the students on the scale of 1 to 10 everyday; and report it through our password protected web portal. The web portal contains the detailed reports on each child which record all the lessons tutored and grading. This accountability ensures that you can keep track your childs success. Your every dollar spent is accounted for.

Click to Register for One Week Trial Class
You can call 1 866 924 0588. Leave your name and number if we are unable to pick your call. We will call you back immediately.

You can also contact us locally at 832 495 4068 to our Houston representative.

First month is FREE if you Register after listening the Ad or clicking on the banner at http://HumTumCity.com website.

The monthly Fee scheduled from next month afterwards is:

1 day a week25 $ (USD)
2 Days a week40 $ (USD)
3 Days a week60 $ (USD)
4 Days a week75 $ (USD)
5 Days a week85 $ (USD)
6 Days a week100 $ (USD)

*Multi Child Discount is available for enrolling multiple children.

Notes: Fee shown are on Monthly basis.
One day a week class is 45 Minutes and conducted once a week.
All other classes are 30 Minutes each  and conducted two, three, four or five times a week.

Click to Register for One Week Trial Class